Hey, hey!

What makes me so passionate about photography is having this ability to capture special moments in a unique way. I love making things beautiful and revealing true beauty in every person I photograph. 

I've done photography for 6+ years and I am always striving for excellence in creativity. So I not only enjoy photos, but painting, knitting, drawing, decorating and more. I am based out of Chattanooga TN,  Cincinnati OH is my home town. 

Taylor is my middle name, hence, Kiersten Taylor... 

A few fun facts: I am happily married to the sweetest man, I paint dog portraits, I love mission work and committing my work and life to loving and serving Jesus. I love baseball, tacos, road trips, bible study, and roller coasters. Coca-cola is my fave drink and California is my favorite place to visit. My best friends are scattered all across the globe and come from so many different places. 

What are some fun things about you! I'd love to know!

- Kiersten

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